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LEAD Athletics’ goal is to provide a high quality, competitive program while focusing on being young men and women of character and principle. It is our desire to see young men and women grow physically and spiritually.





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Lion Athletics at Lead Academy Lufkin
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Girls Volleyball
Girls Volleyball

Parental Involvement

LEAD Lion Athletics is a parent-run organization of volunteers. Every coach and person working at games, practices and events are volunteers. By signing up to participate in Lion Athletics, you are signing up to actively participate as a volunteer. 

Financial Commitment

LEAD Athletics is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that runs on athlete fees. Your fees are required dto pay for everything that makes Lion Athletics run: uniforms, equipment, technology, fields, courts, referees, medical, supplies, and much more. All fees must be paid on schedule or the athlete will not be permitted to participate with the team. If you have a financial hardship, please notify the Athletic  Director and we will try to work with you to make agreeable arrangements. Fees are non-refundable. Each sport will have a different fee based upon the needs of that sport. Costs can range from $300 – $600 depending upon the sport. 

Homeschool Commitment

LEAD Athletics exists to provide sports opportunities to homeschool families. By signing up you are agreeing that you are currently homeschooling or a student at LEAD Academy. Participants must understand that Lion Athletics adheres to a no-pass, no-play policy. LEAD may permit a small percentage of athletes from a vetted private school without an athletic program to try out for the athletic teams.  

Time Commitment

Attendance at practices and games is mandatory, with the athlete only begin excused by the athlete calling the coach to convey the reason for the absence. For a young man or woman to be a contributing member of a LEAD Lion Team, they must make practice a serious priority. Most sports will require 3-5 practices a week pre-season, and 3-4 practices per week during season.  

Code of Conduct

Athletes and parents will promote respect for coaches and coaches’ authority. They will exercise self-control, respect, grace, and good sportsmanship toward teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, and each other. Christian character is expected of all athletes, parents, and coaches. Conduct that is blatantly un-Christian will not be accepted. This also includes social media and anything that reflects upon LEAD Athletics. 

School Hours

Monday & Tuesday 8 – 2 pm
Tuesday & Thursday     8 – 4 pm (Course Instruction)
Kindergarten 8 – 12 pm  – Two or Four day Options
After school care available until 5:30 pm


1121 Winston 8 Ranch Rd.
Lufkin, Texas 75904